Deirdre's story

Deirdre Eustace first came to the MS Care Centre 14 years ago, just after her husband died. 
“After Jim died I was so lost and confused and I found that my MS worsened. I was nervous about going to the Centre and leaving my boys. Now though, I hate to think of the state I would be in if I hadn’t of come to the Centre. It has been the most important thing in keeping me healthy, active and positive.”

Deirdre says that it is the mix of relaxation, professional services and fun that makes the Centre her favorite place to stay.
“On one hand you can see the physio or the MS nurse and get advice on better ways to manage your MS. But on the other hand you can chill out, have a massage, do some art or just chat with residents and staff. At the Centre you make the decisions and the staff are only too happy to make your stay exactly what you want.”


Friendship is one of the most important features the Centre has brought to Deirdre’s life.

“I met my best friend Kathryn here 13 years ago and I couldn’t count on ten hands how many other wonderful friends I have made over the years. I think it so good to meet other people with MS and other neurological conditions as you learn so much from each other. They know exactly what you’re going through and understand when you moan, cry or laugh. And at the centre there is always laughter!”

Deirdre has become a Friend of the MS Care Centre and is helping MS Ireland promote the importance of the Centre and the urgent need for funding.
“I can’t stress enough how the MS Care Centre has helped me and my family. I want everyone with MS now and in the future to experience a stay and get as much benefit as I do. I have become a Friend of the MS Care Centre and I hope you can too!”